College Athlete Sneaker Conversation – Miami Hurricane Point Guard Shane Larkin

For my inaugural college athlete sneaker conversation, I wanted to talk to the most underrated players in all of college basketball. Shane Larkin current Miami Hurricanes point guard, has a dad (Barry Larkin) that was an MLB shortstop and now a Hall of Famer. Shane, who averages about 17 points per game, transferred from Depaul and now is a crucial player for the Hurricanes.

Shane has always been a sneaker head, and I first noticed him when he rocked the KD IV Weathermans last year in game. I’d never seen any player wear them in game and I thought that was so dope so I followed him ever since. Of course with Miami being a Nike sponsored school, most players wear Nike’s so I didn’t know so if Shane was really a Jordan fan; little did I know.

Here is the few Questions and Answers I asked/received from him?

Q: “What are your top 5 favorite sneakers ever?”

A:  ”My favorite 5 sneakers are probably the Bred 11s, Cement 3s, Cav 4s, Stealth Foamposites, and and Red Foams.”

Q: “What are your latest pickups?”

A: “My Latest pickups were the Olive 9s, Bred 11s, and pink foams.”

Q: “How long have you been wearing sneakers?”

A: “I’ve always worn jordans since I was younger but i just recently started taking care of them about 3 years ago.”

 I am really appreciative of his answers, and I am a little surprised by them too. Being a Miami athlete, how can you not have one favorite shoe that’s orange and zero that are green??? Well, I kind of understand because the ones he picked are some of the greatest shoes ever. Thank you so much Shane for taking my questions, stay tuned for the next sneaker conversation!

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